I am the owner of Indigo. I am a Photographer, Friend, Wife, Mother, and Lover of…..

Life. Spirit. Good Friends. Sisters. Falling in Love. Connection to Nature. Open Space. Climbing High. Conscious Food. Sunrise Trail Runs. Road Biking on Long Deserted Highways. Swimming in High Alpine Lakes. Fire Dancing. The Stillness I Find In the Mountains. Uncontrollable Laughter. Foreign Travel. Recycling. Amazing Wine. A Great Cup of Coffee. White Christmas Lights. My Grandmother’s Stories. Vibrant Colors. The Word Love. Passionate People. Photography. Unexpected Beautiful Light. Music. Bee-Keeping. Sustainable Living. Dreaming of a Big Garden. Yoga. Feeling Free. Feeling Alive. Feeling Connected.

My hope is that I will continually learn and grow as a photographer, be able to give back to the community in which I live, and create the quality of images that my clients will love for a lifetime.

Please Email Me. I would love to hear from you!